Chateaufort is a complex of 60 ranch-style townhouse units surrounded by luxuriously landscaped grounds that provide year-round beauty and enjoyment. The townhouses were designed in a style to create a sense of openness and simplicity. This is especially expressed in the open floor plan and use of floor-to-ceiling windows that bring nature indoors.

Each unit includes
  • floor-to-ceiling windows
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • Full basement
  • Courtyard
  • Central air and heat



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The expansive full basement can be customized and utilized to fit your specific desire. Imagine the possibilities. This wonderful space can be fashioned into a spacious lower-level living area which could include such features as entertainment room, home office, office, exercise room, art studio, cedar closet, play area for children, etc.

The fenced-in courtyard is your private space to enjoy the outdoors. It can provide an area for relaxation, entertainment, an outdoor space for your pet, etc. Customize it into a patio. Grow a garden.

Most of the cares of residential ownership can be put aside. Living at Chateaufort means that one would not, for example, have the concern of shoveling a snow-covered walkway, replacing a roof, furnace, or window.

As a cooperative, Chateaufort’s residents pay a monthly association fee for its upkeep. This fee includes maintenance of common grounds, building exteriors, and an extensive list of indoor services. Following are some of the items and services incorporated into the fee.
  • property taxes
  • water and sewage
  • grounds maintenance
  • trash collection
  • security alarm and fire alarm service
  • furnace and air conditioner maintenance and inspection
  • plumbing maintenance

A cooperative (co-op) is a form of residential ownership. The cooperative property is owned collectively by resident/members and established as a non-profit corporation. When one buys into the cooperative one is sometimes referred to as a shareholder. Rather than owning a single dwelling or unit within a property, as in the case of a condominium, the member owns a share in the entire assets of the cooperative property. This includes land, buildings, and grounds.

Ownership in a cooperative gives one exclusive rights to occupy a dwelling (unit) and to participate in the operations of the cooperative. As a member of a cooperative, one pays a monthly fee towards the operation and maintenance of the cooperative property and for services and amenities provided by the cooperative.

Co-op members elect a governing board of member/residents that make decisions pertaining to the management and operation of the property. Often a board utilizes a professional management company to manage the services and necessities of the co-op. Some of the benefits of cooperative living include freedom from many maintenance concerns and the leveraging of costs while maintaining quality housing and standards.

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